Expanding the Mobile Ecosystem.

Our unique technology approach opens up a range of new possibilities for anyone with a mobile audience, or the desire to build one. 1APP makes mobile apps instantly available through a simple web link, meaning apps can be embedded everywhere, and instantly shareable. This changes the nature of discovery dramatically. Even more powerfully, 1APP can make the original app contextual to map to the new environment that the user is using it in - migrating things like payments, notifications, and the social graph effortlessly through the cloud.

The Problem

The “App Economy” works for the App Stores, the very big developer (if they’ll spend for the charts) or the occasional tiny indie, but no one in between, and cuts out meaningful members of the ecosystem.

Our Solution

We are redefining discovery and enabling platform owners and developers to own and manage the direct customer relationship, and provide their consumers with apps, contextually, directly, and instantly.

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Bring Apps to Your Platform

No matter if you are a messaging app, a social network, or a music streaming service, any mobile app that users spend time in can benefit from 1APP. Enable your audience to engage even more by bringing full featured app experiences directly into your app without ever having to leave to read more, get a notification, or make a transaction. Take back ownership of your relationship with your users by increasing the stickiness of your platform, powering your own social graph, and enabling direct payments.

Distribute Your Apps

From shopping and dining apps to mobile games and beyond, unlock a whole new wave of users through distribution with 1APP. Allow users to natively discover your app through mobile experiences they are already taking part in, such as messaging with friends. Enable engagement and transaction, without ever having to download your app.

Expand Your Consumer Relationship

If you’re a wireless carrier or device maker, you can now engage directly with your customers using mobile apps in new and unique ways. Own and control direct relationships with customers, including identity, data, social graph and wallet. Enable customers to discover useful apps and take directed actions as well as better utilize their devices, regardless of space or size.